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1. Navigate using the tabs at the bottom. Would you like to see if a particular face is being used? Click on the "Face Claim" tab. Want to know who plays who? Click on the "Static Account" tab.
2. Fill out the form HERE to be added to the list. NOTE: DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR CLAIMS UNTIL YOUR APPLICATION HAS BEEN APPROVED. Your claims WILL be deleted and you WILL have to do the work all over again if you don't wait.
3. If you have any questions regarding filling out the form, please PM the Static Admin account.

You will still have to request applicable jobs/races/abilities separately before you can fill out the form above. Please see the threads below to complete the necessary claims:

If you are looking to see if a face is available for use, please remember to check out both the first and second tabs of the spreadsheet below. The first is active face claims and the second is reserved for want-ads. Click the links on the second tab to see the character requests that go with the face!

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