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Static Hogwarts

an easy guide on how we work!


We understand that joining a new site can be a bit overwhelming, so we have put together this document to help you navigate the site. There is a lot of reading involved, so hopefully you’ve put on your reading hats! Remember, per our rules, you will be denied if you've not read or followed instructions. It's not personal - we just want to make sure you can follow directions and have excellent reading comprehension skills. Following directions is the first step in making sure you're going to be an intermediate to advanced partner for our wonderful members!

If you don’t want to take the time to read everything written below, please see the links at the bottom of this post to help you navigate through the site (though we HIGHLY recommend you read everything to ensure that our site is the perfect fit for you)!


We’ve been open on and off since 2004 with consistent daily activity since November 2013. Over time, SH has gone through many iterations and many changes to keep the site interesting and relevant for our members. One consistency is the lack of reboots since 2013 - everything has been a cohesive and continuous story, even as we expand the universe.

We're a modern day site and each IC month moves at approximately 5 weeks IRL time. We keep the month updated in the header, so make sure you pay attention to the changes! Moving at our own pace allows us to operate in a semi-AU setting that does not allow canon characters. We feel this gives our members the best chance at being creative. Plus, our characters have Hoots (think early iPhones) and many advances in technology (like credit cards, paying via Hoot, etc.). Blood purity has also become a thing of the past, but not everything is peaceful in the Wizarding world.

In December 2017, we expanded to include global schools and global characters. We are hopeful that the inclusion of this will help members explore all aspects of the Wizarding World and help cut back on some of our character restrictions/regulations. We have started by rolling out only a few schools, but hope to add more in the future. If you’re interested in adding a school that hasn’t yet been added, feel free to reach out to the admin. We take member creations and add them to site canon on a regular basis – the next bit of site lore could be for you!

There’s lots to do at our site – if you’re interested in Students, your characters can go to class and participate in school events. If you’re interested in Adults, we have a growing population of adult characters with loads to do at the Ministry. Play a criminal, a Professor, an Auror – we allow and encourage our members to contribute to our site canon. In fact, Hoots are a member's creation!

If all of this strikes your fancy, read more about our plot HERE!


Unfortunately, site rules always seem to be the same. We do have a slightly more involved registration process, so please take extra care with this (especially since we view this as a test of your reading comprehension). Otherwise, our rules are very straight forward.

To summarize – we expect that members are intermediate to advanced adult (18+) writers. You must post at least once in your first 2 weeks and then every 45 days from that point to be considered active. We have standard rules for member conduct on the board and in the Cbox. If you do not act accordingly, you will be banned.

To read more about activity checks, post requirements for new characters, application expectations, graphics/face claim requirements, and our Gringotts Banking system, please read the rules HERE.


Static Hogwarts utilizes OOC Accounts that we have dubbed "Static Accounts". We've broken this down into a five-step process outlined below. The important thing to remember is that your Static account should be what you want EVERYONE on the site to call you – this will be your alias on ALL parts of the site and the ONLY name you’re known by.

For reference, a Static Account should look like THIS and a character account will look like THIS. Please note that the alias on both accounts is the same (this lets us know who plays who).

Once you have created your Static Account, post in this thread. From there, go to the UCP (here) and register a character account. Remember to register with a FIRST AND LAST NAME ONLY (under no circumstances should you register with a middle name for your character) and with proper capitalization. If it isn’t how you’d write your own name, it’s probably incorrect!

If you’re still confused, we’ve also created some flow charts. You can look at them here and here!



  • How active is this site?
    Very! We have anywhere from 5-50 posts per day, depending on member availability! There’s generally someone around to either talk to or post with. Static Hogwarts can be as active for you as you’d like it to be - you can take on one thread or fifty - it’s what you make of it!
  • English is not my first language. Will I still be okay?
    For the most part, yes. We do hold everyone to the same standard, so please make sure your written English fits an intermediate to advanced RP site. If you’ve got any doubts of how you will fit, please register and PM Static Admin with an RP sample. We’re always willing to help and admire your desire to write in a language that is not your native tongue!
  • Why do you have Static Accounts?
    They were implemented to have a single point of contact for each member. PMs are only to be sent and received on Static Accounts and once you set your character’s images and profile information, you will only have to log in to the character account to update images or profile information. This will make everything so much easier for you because you only need to log in to one account to post.
  • How fast does the site move?
    We try to do one month every 5 weeks or so, but this changes as members get busy or if we need extra time in a plot month. Usually a plot year (September-June) lasts about 15 months IRL. We try to be flexible with the passage of time and understand that sometimes things need to move slower. If you’re ever concerned about needing more time, please PM Static Admin.
  • How easy is it to be included as a newbie?
    Very! Our members are all excited about new members and love plotting! If you really want to be included, consider a want ad so you have established friends. You can review them here. Feel free to talk with us in the Cbox to get to know everyone better! You’ll find someone to post with there. We also have a place for members to list open threads and look for thread partners! You can find that here.
  • Can I really help build the site with my own ideas?
    Yes, you can! We have a plotting area for our members where you can share moodboards, character information, and build plots OR help build our site canon. You’re more than welcome to post there as soon as your character is accepted! We can’t wait to see what ideas you have!
  • Does the site require any coding?
    Just in the application! You need to be able to resize images and know what blanks to fill in. Our application is in Google docs, and the blanks are highlighted for ease!
  • This sure seems like a lot, are you sure it’s easy to get started here?
    Yes! Reading this document, registering, and filling out your application are the hardest parts of the site. Once you’re accepted, it’s all about the writing!

Character Related

  • Can I be a relation to a canon character?
    Sorry! We don’t allow any canon relations. You may not use any canon surnames. First names are fine as long as they have no relation to the book character (personality/history/appearance wise). When in doubt, please ask in the Cbox or PM Static Admin.
  • Do you allow duplicate names?
    We do! We recognize that just like real life, sometimes people/characters will have the same name. However, JCINK will not allow two characters to have identical names, so you will have to choose an alternative spelling if you wish to share a first and last name with an existing character. Keep in mind that some of our existing members may not want to share names, but we encourage them to reach out to new members individually and the admin will not step in in these situations. If you're concerned about sharing a name with an existing character, click here to search our member list.
  • Do I have to start as a first year?
    Nope! In fact, we don't allow first or second years here - simply because there are little to no plotting opportunities for them. As long as we aren’t limiting a specific year or house, your character can be any age you’d like. You can double check character restrictions here.
  • Do I get to sort my own character?
    Yes! We would prefer you decide your character’s house yourself. Very rarely will the admin suggest you change a house or ask you to further justify why a character fits somewhere. If you feel your character may not fit a house currently but would have when younger, just specify how they’ve changed and why in your application!
  • Can my character have a pet?
    Of course - Hogwarts allows the usual pets: owls, cats, and the occasional toad. Most of our members find it tedious to have to keep up with their pet in their posts, so you won't find many here. Plus, with the invention of the Hoots technology, owls as a method of communication are slowly becoming obsolete.
  • Are transfer students allowed?
    Yes! You can check what’s available by checking the character restrictions here. We do ask that you PM the Static Admin account prior to applying so we can verify the reasoning. “Because it’s interesting to me” is not a sufficient answer.
  • Does my character have to go to class?
    Our professors are not required to post lessons, but they can if they so choose. You do not have to attend if you don't want to.
  • Can my character create their own club?
    Of course! You can check out this thread here.
  • Can my character have a special ability?
    Abilities are limited to what you can pay for with Gringotts Banking. You can read more about it here. If you can afford it: claim your knuts, update your app, and PM the Admin to review your revised application. You can do this after you’re accepted, but keep in mind that you may be asked to revise your ability. If you’re concerned, PM Static Admin first!
  • Do you limit special abilities per member or per character?
    Nope! We use the knuts earned in the Gringotts Banking system to avoid a multitude of overpowered characters. The more you earn, the more you can have. This is to reward members for being active on our board. If you want an ability, take advantage of the different opportunities to earn knuts posted here.
  • Can my student be a Prefect or Head Boy/Girl?
    Maybe! We select one Prefect per house and the Head Boy/Girl that we feel best fits the qualities of the house. We try to limit this to one per member. If you’re active and your character is a good fit, they may be made Prefect! If you're playing an adult, you can use knuts to fill that position. If you aren't sure if someone already filled that role in their graduation year, please PM Static Admin.
  • Can my character play Quidditch?
    Yes! As long as you sign up for a position, participate in games, and post once every 30 days. Find out which positions are available here. We love Quidditch players and allow both students and adults to play. You can see adult players here.
  • My character is a blood-purist, how will this fit in?
    We recommend you find something else for your character to be a jerk about. Our site canon is established so that it’s considered pretty racist to believe purebloods are superior to others. You can learn more about muggle and magical relations here.
  • So, does that mean I can’t play someone evil?
    Not at all! We would love a few villains around on the site. Because this would be integral and important to the site, we ask that you please take time to PM and work with Static Admin to build something that works for the site - but you’re welcome and encouraged to do something amazing!
  • What job can my adult have? Are there any restrictions?
    Your adult can have any job you can imagine! For positions of power, we request that you spend time explaining how they got the job and make sure they are an appropriate age. We know there’s a trend in the RP world to have a 30 year-old Head of a Department in the Ministry, but our preference is that they be an established career person. Please don't be upset if we ask you to expand upon it further to make sure it's realistic!
  • What happens after characters graduate?
    They go into the workforce! We’re trying to establish training programs for careers for young adults. If you have ideas about this, you can participate once your character is accepted! So far, we have some things in the work for Aurors and Healers, but would love more ideas! Post-Hogwarts education is growing more essential to the site the longer we’re open.
  • Is my character required to graduate?
    Not at all, but we do recommend you consider how staying the same age will affect your character’s plots and relationships. Most of our members decide to have their characters age, so please take this into consideration.

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