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Static Hogwarts latest news: Guest Questions and Help
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Site Rules, General RP Rules

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Welcome to SH! Learn more about the site here!

About Static
Character Stats and Restrictions
Site Plots
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This forum is for site announcements and a help file for guests. For registered users, please use the cbox, PM, or the help forum in the Character Planning area.

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Upon reading the rules, please come here and create your character. Other sign-ups are also included in this forum.

First Stop: Static Account Registration
Second Stop: Character Application
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Finished/approved character applications act as shippers for your characters. See someone you're interested in plotting with? Post your reply to their application here!

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Tweak your plots, find people to RP with, find/share images, and more!

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Extra Credit
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Register your Character for Quidditch, Jobs, etc. here!

Gringotts Banking
Face Claims
Claims Central
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The 428th Quidditch World Cup has arrived! People all over the world tune into the Wizio in their homes or pubs to watch the round-the-clock coverage. (Characters may post watching threads/parties here!)

FIRST ROUND: May 1 - June 15
QUARTER FINALS: June 16 - June 30
SEMI FINALS: July 1 - July 10
FINALS: July 11 - 15

Game Recaps
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This party is at the Burke/Williamson Residence with parents out of town. Any student who can get to the house (Floo, apparition, etc) is welcome.
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A multi-cultural event that celebrates the diversity of London as well as the rest of the UK. The even space is full of aisles of vendors and information booths about different clubs and organizations. There are stages intermittently placed where different groups perform dances from different countries. Also, don’t forget to check out the impressive food area!
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All locations in Europe, including shops and residences.

United Kingdom
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All locations in North America, including shops and residences.

Wizarding Villages
New York, New York
Other Places
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All locations in Australia, including shops and residences.

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All locations in Asia, including shops and residences.

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A place to put your threads that take place before the current plot year! Please mark the thread with the month/plot year or number of years ago it took place.

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Send and receive Hoots message with other characters. Hoots cost about 50 Galleons each (250 pounds). Not every character should have one, consider this like the early days of the smart phone.

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Hogwarts's very own gossip magazine! Submit gossip through the link above - doesn't matter what the rumor is, they'll post just about anything... as long as it isn't -real- news. Save that bullshit for the Daily Prophet. This is a GOSSIP RAG.

The Howler was established in fall of 2012 as an ink and paper production. There was never any serious news, just gossip about everyone who mattered in the school - and some who didn't. Muggle students thought the magazine was a take on Gossip Girl, but Wizard-born students had no idea what could have inspired this. Rumors about who founded the paper swirled through the school, but no one could pinpoint the founder.

In fall of 2016, the Howler stopped printing paper copies and showed up as a paper on Hoots Devices. Students can now subscribe for updates, which get sent as messages straight to their Hoots. Those who have Hoots (and even some who don't) follow the gossip, not because they're interested... but because everyone is afraid of what secret about them will be published next.

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Start a topic for your character's journal. Please use your character's name as the thread title.

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As of 7/1/16 Static Hogwarts is no longer accepting advertisements of any kind - affiliates only. To affiliate with us, please click here and fill out the affiliation form.

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